Silent Gliss curtain Tracks

Elegant Curtain Tracks For Windows of Any Shape

Silent Gliss curtain  tracks are beautifully engineered to look elegant and to operate smoothly to look good and last for many years.

Silent gliss offers a  made to measure track and bending service, this includes apex, bay semi circular bay windows.  with a huge range of components, from roller gliders to help heavy curtains to close with ease with a swing  movement as you draw the curtains closed.  To offering corded curtain tracks and motorised systems.

Silent gliss tracks also offer a track system that lloks like a pole called a metropole this elegant pole system is unique to silent gliss. Metropole  come in many colours and still offering the vast a ray of components they offer in their track system.  




The Silent Gliss Wave System

For that elegant floor-to-ceiling look. Silent Gliss offers the Silent Gliss Wave, a track system fixed to the ceiling. Where eave curtains hang in a beautiful continuous wave. This feature takes “floor to ceiling curtains” to a new level with near-seamless contact between floor and ceiling for curtains that can have a drop as long as 6 metres in length.

Silent Gliss Wave Curtain Tracks on huge french windows at a Villa, leading out to decking with a sea view