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Measuring for Curtains, blinds, tracks and poles.

Measuring curtains for tracks, poles and blinds, is to remember not all window are square.  Start by measuring down, from left, middle and right. Now  use the same method and go across  again left middle and right. This way you build up a picture of your window.  Below you will find guides for measuring curtain poles, tracks and blinds along with Eyelet curtains.

Curtain Poles

Positioning the height of metal and wooden poles.

Curtain pole as a rule of thumb should be positioned 10cm above the top of the window .  If you have a lot of wall space then 15cms  above the window. and extend 20cm -30cms on either side of window depending on wall space.

Pole Length – measure the length of the window,  add on 20-30 each side of the window. This will allow for stacking back the curtain. This measurement is the pole only not including the Finials.

Sill Length or 3/4 length curtains.

curtains that are going to sit on a sill, should be measured right down to the sill  below a sill.

Below a sill

Measure a minimum of 6 cms below the sill, If you have radiator then just above.


curtains should float 1cm above wooden floors and if carpeted  the n  just toughing the carpets.  If you prefer dressed curtains with puddle then add on and extra 13cms for this effect.

positioning Tracks

Width measurement 

Place your tape measure across the window  adding on 20-30cms on either side of the window, space allowing.  If corded Tracks are going to be use, allow  space for the cord to be pulled. 

Measuring for drop of curtains. 

Measure from the bottom  of the track, to the sill.   below sill add on a minimum of 6cms below the sill and stop just above the radiator. full length curtains 1cms above the hard floors and  just touching carpets.  

Eyelet curtains - measure from the top of the pole to the desired length and then add the following lengths depending on the size of eyelets you've chosen. This allows for the eyelets to be inserted.
  • 30mm eyelets – add 3cms
  • 40mm eyelets – add 4cms
  • 50mm eyelets – add 5cms
  • 60mm eyelets – add 6cms.

 Measuring bay windows – is tricky, but if you would like to have a go then just contact me for a simple ‘How to’ guide.

Please note

It is very important to measure each window carefully as this ensures the curtains fit properly. If in doubt please check again. CS Curtains and Interiors will not be responsible for measurements that are supplied incorrectly.

Pole measurement

Diagram for measuring curtains

Track measurement

Diagram for measuring blinds