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Design Consultation

I have been in the furnishing business for the past 20 years. In this time I have built up a sizable collection of sample books and products. From tracks, poles ,blinds, braids and lots more. I process a great deal of knowledge of Interiors and related products and have account with lots of fabric companies and suppliers. With all of this at my fingertips.  I encourage my customers to come and brows my workshop and showroom in the West Hythe Kent. Then if they find samples they like I encourage customers to take them home for a few days, to get a feel for them. The feeling you should get is a feeling of warmth and well being.

Come and visit my workshop in West Hythe.

Sample can look so different in the workshop  lights compared to your own light.

If it’s right you will get that warm and well being feeling.  Getting into this habit will save an expensive mistake later. 

Measuring and fitting service

After short  time of seeing the samples.  I could come along to measure up and, if  needed, help to pull the scheme together. If you need explore other options I could make up samples or even order larger samples.  Seeing large sample offtern help. 

As well as consultation, I  offer a measuring and fitting service to complete your project. Eyelets are fitted on-site. I provide a bending service for both bay and apex windows.