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workroom sundries

Workshop Sundries

Blackout Lining

Blackout Lining  with 3 pass coating  creates a complete light-blocking exclusion from the sun in the summer also protecting the front fabric from light exclusion. The thermal properties of the this fabric  keeping the heat in the winter.  With this 3 pass properties will also help with the Sound level down . Adding this Blackout Lining to your curtain is like having lining and interlining together, The drape of this blackout will help lighter fabric to drape better.  Other advantages with this blackout lining is if you have a light fabric will  help to see the pattern on the fabric by stopping the light bleeding thought the fabric .  comicurtain, feeling of   shadin weight to lighter materials, 
Blackout Lining is ideal for protecting the delicate fabrics like  Silk and fabric that have delicate pattern  which can be easily damaged by sunlight. Because blackout lining blocks light, it also stops the shadowing on curtains so you able to see the pattern on your fabric. Which could be lost when the sun shines though the fabric when closed 



Interlining is a cotton-type felt that is sandwiched between the front fabric and the lining. The main purpose of this barrier is to be a thermal insulator. The whole room will feel warmer in the winter, saving heat and money on energy bills. Interlining will also add weight to custom made curtains, giving them a lovely drape and weight when you hold them. The  other notable difference an interlining can do is move the hem folds into an interior. Doing away with the stitching line to create a one-piece look.


Satin Lining 

Sateen Lining crease