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Custom Curtain Making Service

Made to measure curtains for every room

 Made to measure curtains produced with hand sewn seams and hems will look luxurious. Curtains play a huge roll in a room scheme. Curtains  could make or break a room. The weight of the fabric and types of fibre used enhance the feel of the curtain  Choosing blackout lining will cut out drafts and help protect the front of your curtains from sunlight this will add to the life of the curtain.

Curtains can completely change the mood of a room  from cold and dated to warm and inviting.  A curtain should compliment a room and not dominate a room. So when you walk in to your room you should be able see the whole room. It’s important to pick a design that goes well with your colour scheme. It’s amazing how much work curtains do to enhance a room Keeping the room cool in summer and  the heat in during the winter, and the light out on a bright  summers day. When you get your room scheme right you should have a feeling of security and well being.

Great selection of fabrics from Villa Nova, Romo, Prestigious, Fibre Naturelle Ilive, James Hare.  please click on the logos link below to give you some inspirations.

To comply your curtains Cs Curtains and interiors have a wonderful  selection of poles from Cameron and fuller and track from Silent Gliss.  Two amazing companies with a great variety of colours, brackets  accessories.  

See our curtain measurement guide.

Wave Curtains

Wave curtains are designed to fit special roller gliders in order to create a wave effect. The advantage of these curtains is that they stack back very neatly and tightly. Suspended from hangers and folding neatly as they do, wave curtains can be fitted to fold up tightly and open smoothly. They do not require wall space behind them when open, and can hug the edge of the window in a discreet fashion.

Beige pleated Silent Glis wave curtains

Double and triple-pleat headers

Pleating the header bunches up the fabric at the top, creating a drop rich in folds that can slide back neatly much like a wave or eyelet curtain.

One way I attach the pleats is to use buckram. The advantage of making curtains with buckram rather than tape is it produces a really crisp, sophisticated look that won’t easily deform. The material is brilliant to stick with and sets very firmly once shaped. The pleats will always be crisp and do not move around with use, which can happen with curtains fixed using tape.

bespoke track curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelets are a great hanging alternative to rings. Set within the fabric, eyelets allow the pole to be threaded through the curtain. Extending the whole set upward for a floor-to-ceiling look that folds away quite smoothly and neatly.

I provide an eyelet-fitting service with an eyelet press that can fit eyelets of all sizes, A speciality service performed in my workshop in West Hythe. 

Find out more about my eyelet setting service.

Wooden pole with curtain eyelets