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Curtain Eyelet setting Service

 Curtain eyelet setting service will save you a lot of time. Having Eyelets pressed in with a professional Eyelet machine, will ensure a high quality result.  Brass based  eyelets are used with a heavy duty eyelet machine, the eyelets will be put in tightly so they are unable to fall out under pressure. The eyelets come in 9 different colours  whit a choose of sizes from 25mm to 66mm

Choosing the right size eyelets for your  pole is important follow the guide and you wont go wrong; 19mm-25mm  pole use 30mm eyelets, poles from 25mm to 30mm pole use 40mm eyelet and last but not least 35mm 40mm use -50mm use 66mm eyelets.  

Before you make up your mind, I can arrange for samples to be sent out. This will enable you to see the colour before you go ahead. 

All  you need to do is make your curtains  up to the heading stage including the extra allowance for above the pole. This will depend on the eyelet size.  Add 3 cms for 25-30mm for 40mm 4 cms , 50mm 5 cms 66mm  this will give a lovely balance to your curtains, preventing  the curtains waving above the eyelet. 

I can arrange collection and return service via Royal mail.

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