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Custom made blinds will transform your windows

Roman blinds

Roman blinds when hand finished can look stylish and elegant,  Roman Blinds  work well in any setting or room, in side or out side a recess, if  You like to use your window sills then out side the recess is recommended .  If  you place the Roman Blinds on an outside wall, when The Roman Blind is raised  you will not loose as much light as if the Roman Blind is place in a recess.

Roman blinds are mounted on a Roman Blind Velro track with a choose of different colour chains or a crank system. The crank system is wonderful it takes away the chains dangling down, so If you have small children then this eliminates the temptations of playing with the chain, The crank can be taken off so the blind will look stylish The other advantage it dose away with the need of child safety clips or drilling into that expensive paper, or holes in the new paint work. 



made to measure blinds

Vertical blinds

We have a wide selection of vertical blind fabrics to choose from. We deal with vanes, which are either 25mm or 50mm wide with replacements available. 

Roller blinds

We can either create roller blinds with your own material or you can choose from our large collection of fantastic fabrics. Styles range from plain and blackout to sunscreen and each has the choice of either a processed or laminated backing. The processed treatment is clear coated and the laminated process is a lining that is ironed onto the back of the material.

If you would like to use your own material, please ensure it is not too thick otherwise it will not roll up.

Fabric laminating

When you decide to decorate or change your curtains, there is an option to colour match your blinds by laminating the fabric. This process also helps to improve their texture and quality. This procedure is extremely complex, which is why we provide a specialist service to ensure it is completed to the highest standard possible. Our many years of experience puts you in safe hands.