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New Silent Gliss Wave System

This curtain shown in the picture on the right is called a wave curtain and it is made with the Silent Gliss Wave system. The difference with this track system is that the track is fixed to the ceiling (you can fix it to the wall, but generally you fix to the ceiling) so it really is floor to ceiling curtains, which hang in a continuous wave.

I can make these curtains up to 6 metres in length. Theses curtains are ideal for voiles and fantastic for bay windows where by eyelets are not advisable.

This curtain was made for a project for a private jet company in Nice's Airport and more are in the process of being made.

If you would like a Wave curtain then please contact us now.

Elegant curtain tracks for any shaped window, in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Tracks sourced directly from specialist suppliers Silent Gliss and Cameron Fuller.

Tracks make all the difference to the way your curtains hang, open and close. Whether you’ve chosen to have your curtains handmade by myself or are supplying them yourself, you’ll want them to operate seamlessly and silently.

I supply metal or plastic tracks in different weights that are designed to support every weight of fabric. The tracks I supply can be easily operated by hand, cord or electricity – and can be as decorative as you choose.

  • Light to medium tracks will support voiles to medium weight fabrics
  • Medium tracks support interlined and heavier weight curtains
  • Contract tracks support very heavy weight lined and interlined fabrics

Bay windows are of course always tricky when choosing and fitting tracks. Get the angle wrong and you’ll end up having to tug at your curtains to get them to close properly. I offer a free measuring service that ensures the tracks are fitted correctly and are strong enough for your weight of curtain. I also ensure that they are bent to provide a seamless operation, regardless of your bay window’s angles.